Debono Family fun in the sun

A beautiful Sunday in the sun was spent with mr and mrs debono and there amazing little 2 yr old girl maddie, at first a little shy as to be expected but it didnt take long for her to pep up and show me her retail skills in the toy shop at the parks play area walking around following her i noticed how very bright and clever she really is for her age. shes a very chatty and cheeky little monkey i took a few quite moments with mum and dad and let her continue on her imaginary journey of role play and caught mum and dad in ther element of love and laughter sharing secrets and stories you can see the love they share for one another that spills out into maddie, session went on and i spent some time getting maddie to relax and be herself so i could capture her at her best and that i did, i caught her cheekyness throughout her expressions and enjoyed a few tunes she sung to me that she had learnt from daycare, i even learnt the next verse of twinkle little star that i didnt know they had made. as you can see through the images below shes a happy loveable little girl enjoying life with mum and dad.